College & Young Adult

At Fairview Church we believe that some of the most formative years in your life will be following High School and College. During this time of new beginnings, new responsibilities, and possibly, a new town, we want you to experience genuine community and deep growth into God’s vision and passion for your life. Our normal rhythms of our college ministry is our College & YA big group on Sunday mornings after the service at 10:45 AM in the Warehouse.

CYA Gathering – Sundays 10:35 AM

  • Big Group Teaching Time
  • Free Pancakes + Coffee
  • Explore The Christian Faith and Scripture
  • Worship with Fairview Church @ 9:30 AM

CYA Worship Nights – Every First Monday @ 7:00PM

  • Gather with 20-somthings across Lebanon
  • Small Group oriented
  • Discover Community

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