Pastor Brandt Waggoner

Join us this Sunday at 9:30 or 10:45 AM as Pastor Brandt continues on in this new series! You won't want to miss this one. 


A Different Kind of Gratitude - Pastor Brandt

Genesis 12:1-3 CSB

1. Entrust ourselves to God as Giver

2. Express our Gratitude to God

3. Emulate God through our Generosity


Spheres of Impact

What kind of impact can be made in our lives & the lives of those around us if we simply allow God to use us right where we are? Each of us have spheres of impact & in this series, we learn how to leverage our time and resources to serve those in our home, church and community. This series will be covered throughout the year of 2022.

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The Common Rule

Throughout history followers of Jesus have lived by a rule of life. Don't think rules (plural) but rule (singular). The idea comes from the word used for a trellis in a garden. It is a structure of habits you commit to in order to grow in your love of God & neighbor. Taken from the book by Justin Earley, this series will help us establish our own “rule” or set of habits to grow up into the people of love, joy and peace that God created us to be.

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Beautiful Melody

Any work of art bears the impression of the artist who made it. Genesis 1-3 tells us that this is true of God – every part of creation points to its Creator in its own way. And that includes you and me. We are all invited to play our part in harmony with the Composer and Conductor of the beautiful melody that began before time. 

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