The Family Ministry Project is a capital campaign raising funds for the renovation of our kid ministry area in order to provide engaging environments where kids can grow in the true freedom found in full surrender to Christ.


Our Family Ministry Team has been preparing for this since October 2019 and we have been working with Worlds of Wow to bring our vision to life.


This project provides an engaging and exciting environment for parents and their children to grow in Christ. Everything we do is to impact the next generation for Jesus. Because kids speak the language of fun and learn better in immersive environments, we have designed spaces specifically to focus on their age groups. We believe this will allow us to reach more kids and families for Christ.

This type of environment also opens up a few different missional opportunities. Imagine a neighbor who would never step into a church on Sunday morning but agrees to come play at the indoor playground during the week. These are opportunities for Gospel conversations and many more follow up conversations as your kids play together. 

We have also seen a large number of young families move into Lebanon from all over the country. The #1 thing new families look for in a church is a thriving and exciting kids ministry. In the past three years, families with children have made up the majority of visitors & new members at FC. This is an opportunity to grow not only in our discipleship but also in our evangelistic efforts as we reach our neighbors with the true freedom found in full surrender to Christ.

After 15 years, our kids spaces need updating and the outdoor playground had to be removed. Instead of focusing all our attention outside, we have decided it is in our best interest and best use of funds to focus indoors. The by-product will be a space where our kids can learn about Jesus in an environment built specifically for them!



Playground/Reno 100%
Floor Part A 100%
Floor Part B 0%
Additional Items 0%

In a span of 7 months in 2021, FC generously gave over $124,000 towards this project, not including some outstanding pledges. We have about $40,000 more to reach our first goal. Because of the success of the campaign thus far, and to avoid a price increase, the Finance Team unanimously agreed to sign for the project in Dec. 2021! This is huge! That means installation should be Summer 2022!


While we have not reached the first tier of giving yet, we have confidence  that we will reach our goal in this Finish Line Fundraiser! If we are to bring in more funds, then we will start working towards many of the quality-of-life improvements like the flooring & new toilets in the Kid's wing.

Thank you for your generosity & investing in our kids & families!

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