Purpose & Beliefs

 Transforming the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ

At Fairview Church we desire to be a:

  • gospel-centered people
  • who grow in community
  • and serve on mission together

Gospel: we believe that lives are transformed by faith in the proclamation of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and the redemption of the world.

Community: we believe that we grow in Christ-likeness in the context of meaningful relationships with other Christians in the local church.

Mission: we believe the lives of the lost are transformed as the church shows and shares the Gospel of Jesus with the world

At Fairview Church, we resolve to make the Bible the center of all our gatherings and all that we do. Since God’s purpose in the world is to redeem a people for Himself from every people group on the planet, during our corporate gatherings we will teach every passage of scripture, sing every song, and focus every prayer from the framework of gospel, community and mission.

The leaders of Fairview Church resolve to live out gospel, community, and mission and to intentionally walk alongside members of the Fairview family to develop these principles so that they in turn can impact others.
Fairview Church resolves to build a structure that reflects our process: gospel, community & mission. Every piece of the structure that fails to fulfill this purpose will be reshaped or subtracted. We resolve to spend the majority of our resources in line with our process and to further our purpose.

Fairview Church is a Southern Baptist Church, but our purpose is to introduce everyone to the true Savior and King, Jesus Christ. So regardless of your denominational background or no church background at all, we have a deep desire for vibrant Christian community and for the world to know the one true God through His son, Jesus Christ.

Below is a link to a fuller description of our beliefs:

The Baptist Faith and Message 2000

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